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Vincent Barberger, Montréal | ENGLISH

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Webinaire- Les courriers de prospection à froid

Formation sur les courriers à froid pour les équipes de vente B2B, marketeurs, et chefs d'entreprise.

Do you struggle with…

  • Getting prospects to take you seriously and listen to your message?

  • Getting your prospects to answer the phone and engage in a conversation?

  • Navigating past receptionists and other gate-keepers to get to decision-makers?

Social Selling made easy

Are you struggling to efficiently leverage LinkedIn to maximize your sales?

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Transform your email prospecting

Bryan shares insider tips on…

  • How to get an inbox full of highly qualified leads.
  • Five reasons cold calling doesn't work as well as it used to.
  • How to get 80% of your customers to respond to your email.
  • Six systems that will save you time and automate follow-up.
  • 76 of the best tools and recommended resources (including email templates).

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